Yingli panda 260

Yingli panda 260

HocHgradig effizient mit Panda tecHnologie. Combined with high transmission glass, module efficiencies are up to 16. Module mit n-Typ Solarzellen bieten . Compared to traditional modules with . ABOUT YINGLI GREEN ENERGY.

Lieferung: Verfügbarkeit: ab Lager. Standort: De Deutschland. Guten Aben Ich baue gerade meine neue Anlage. Yingli Green Energy Holding Company . Bay Kleinanzeigen – Kostenlos. In compliance with our Warranty Terms and Conditions.

W PTC, 20A Fuse, YL260C -30b-H4.

Designed to withstand rigorous. PANDA YL270C-30b (2Wp). Hochleistungsmodule mit n-Typ-. Sehr hohe Wirkungsgrade. Background Coloration : Silver. Manufacturer Product Warranty : years.

Solar moduleS made by monocryStalline Silicon. These solar modules offer parti- cularly high efficiency – over a long period of time. They are manufactured based on n-type silicon.

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS. Mad “Ile type vtzesc-sob nunc-3vtzsscenb rustic-3“usc-3weight ` Wßkg. Hochgradig e zient mit Panda Technologie.

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