Mit Abrasax (griechisch ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ) – diese Bezeichnung findet sich in den Quellen häufiger als das populärere Abraxas (ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ) – bezeichnete der ägyptische Gnostiker Basilides das Symbol des höchsten Urwesens, aus dem nach ihm die fünf Urkräfte Geist, Wort, Vorsehung, Weisheit und Macht hervorgegangen sind. Weiteres Bild melden Melde das anstößige Bild. Abraxas (Gk. ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ, variant form Abrasax , ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ) was a word of mystic meaning in the system of the Gnostic Basilides, being there applied to the Great Archon (Gk., megas archōn), the princeps of the 3spheres (Gk., ouranoi).

The word is found in Gnostic texts such as the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, . Seraphi Abrasax was the Sovereign of the House of Abrasax until she was murdered as she was. In: Der Duden in zwölf Bänden.

Borrowed from Late Latin Abrasax , from Ancient Greek ἀβραξάς (abraxás) or ἀβρασάξ ( abrasáx ) , possibly from the numerical value of the Greek letters, which is 365. Gnosticism) One of the Archons who follows Sabaoth when he . Kontext von „ Abrasax “ in Spanisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: I, Tito Abrasax. Júpiter Jones como mi esposa. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache.

Die Worte norépo re köopuov kr. Externer Link zum Scan der Anfangsseite. Caine Wise is killed while trying to rescue Jupiter, and Jupiter abdicates her throne.

Instead of returning her to Earth with her family, Balem decides to keep her as a prisoner of sorts, slowly growing more and more attached to Jupiter herself, and not just the ghost of his mother.

Their temples are self-built, gleaming chrome and reinforced glass that kept out the darkness of space, that vast terribleness that swallowed people whole. They make their own houses out of bones and blood and dust. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Abrasax and Sablo and Gamalieldescend and bring those people out of the fire and the wrath, and take them above the eternal realms and the rulers of the powers, and take them away. The people will be like those angels, for they are not strangers to them. Jupiter may call the shots in be but she has her doubts as to whether Kalique is just using her for politics. Then again, two can play that game.

I probably need to do some serious introspection about my thing for ambitious women having emotionally manipulative kinky sex. Unser Umgang miteinander zeichnet sich durch Respekt, Ehrlichkeit und Disziplin aus. Mit Leidenschaft arbeiten wir an kundenspezifischen Lösungen und gehen dabei auch neue Wege. Die ABRA-SAX GmbH ist ein dynamisches Unternehmen, das branchenübergreifend im Einsatz ist und seinen Schwerpunkt in der . British Museum and accompanies a spell written for thepurpose of overcoming the malice of enemies, and for giving security against alarms and nocturnal visions.

But of all the names found upon Gnostic gems two, i. Khnoubis (or Khnoumis), and Abrasax (or Abraxas), are of the most frequent occurrence.