Texas governor wheelchair

Texas governor wheelchair

His story is one of triumph over tragedy. He was appointed to the Texas Supreme Court by then- Gov. People are asking why Texas Gov. When he took office two years ago, Gov. He was the first governor to use a wheelchair , and the first lawyer turned governor in three .

He had two steel rods implanted in his spine, underwent extensive rehabilitation at TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston, and has used a wheelchair ever . FROM THE PUBLISHER: Texas governor and rising star in the Republican Party —one of the first prominent politicians to govern from a wheelchair since Franklin D. His personal story was the narrative thread of his first run for governor , when his low-key persona was seen by many Republicans as a refreshing change after years . Barbara Jordan was a prominent Texas lawyer, politician, and civil rights activist. Jordan developed multiple sclerosis and used a wheelchair in her later years. Please feel free to downloa print, and distribute these proclamations widely.

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I will use my steel spine to fight for Texas values every single day. Breaking my back, making me paralyze unable to ever walk again. A more complete version of this . Hit me in the back, fractured my vertebrae and my spinal cor leaving me instantly and forever paralyze needing to use a wheelchair. The Injuries to the Texas Governor. He has used a wheelchair since that time.

A spokesman said the governor sustained second- and third-degree burns to his legs and feet, without disclosing how the accident occurred. Because the governor is wheelchair -boun doctors were worried of potential infection. Just a man in a wheelchair right in front with big smile and a strong handshake, which he quickly offered up.

Hello,” he told Victor, grabbing his hand firmly. Less than hours before, the Texas governor had announced . Don Huffines, whose district includes part of Dallas County. Abbott said it did shake his faith, . Welcome back to Dallas,” Huffines said to the governor.

Are we in your district now?

Yes, sir—the heart of it,” Huffines replie . The accident paralyzed him below the waist. He was working at a law firm in town and studying for the bar exam at the time. He was still able, despite the injury, to go on .