Switch flex

Switch flex

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FLEx (or “flip-excision”) switches were designed as a genetic tool for researchers to conditionally manipulate gene expression in vivo using site-specific recombination.

The FLEx switch takes advantage of the orientation specificity of the site-specific recombinases (SSRs) Cre and FLP. Activated by bending the black rubber tip in any direction – up, down, forward and backward! The FLEX switch was synthesized de novo (DNA Menlo Park, CA) with flanking BamHand EcoRrestriction sites and an internal Spesite (see Supplementary Fig. 1).

The vector was digested with Speand blunt-ended. Codon optimized ChR2mCherry with the point mutation H134R was used for these studies. Unless otherwise noted . Click to see larger image.

Attached tubing is bent to facilitate positioning.

Flex Switch tip close-up. Tactile and auditory feedback. FLEX was designed to simplify IP migration by eliminating the need for IDF closets given the long reach capabilities. This enhancement enables a convergence time of less than milliseconds.

In addition, this convergence time remains consistent regardless of the number of VLANs or MAC addresses configured on switch uplink ports. These SAN switch modules deliver an embedded option for . This switch ships standard with quad data rate . Do this before entering the roadway and you can ride the designated HOT or Express Lanes without having to pay any tolls. For those riding with fewer. Level sensor with Reed chain.

Alternatively with temperature sensor. Various materials available. Designed for industrial use. Small, compact construction. Very simple installation.

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