Sun cross

Sun cross

A sun cross is the term for a symbol consisting of an equilateral cross inside a circle when considered as a solar symbol. The design is frequently found in the symbolism of prehistoric cultures, particularly during the Neolithic to Bronze Age periods of European prehistory. Interpretation as solar.

Common solar symbols include circles with or without rays, crosses or spirals. In religious iconography, personifications of the Sun or solar attributes are indicated by means of a halo or a radiate crown. When the systematic study of comparative mythology first became .

It has often been claimed that Patrick combined the symbol of Christianity with the sun cross to give pagan followers an idea of the importance of the cross. The Solar cross is probably the oldest religious symbol in the worl appearing in Asian, American, European , and Indian religious art from the dawn of history. Composed of a equal armed cross within a circle, it represents the solar calendar- the movements of the sun , . The symbol ⊕, a cross in a circle, frequently found in the symbolism of prehistoric cultures, particularly during the Neolithic to Bronze Age periods. The cross is one of the most prominent symbols of the ancient Religion of the Sun , and it is also one of the most ancient known and nearly universally used religious symbols. Ancient prehistoric artifacts, rock art, and ancient sites incorporating the sun cross symbol can be found all over the world.

SVG version of Image: Sun cross. Apparently, this is an abstraction of the wheel symbol found at the center of the winged sun design associated with Ashur.

Nimrud stele winged sun. In late November, when Stein Espen Bøe and his wife Kristin living in the town of Haugesund drained around their house and had to remove the front entrance, it appeared some rock carvings showing several ships and a sun cross. After being examined and recorded by archaeologists from the Stavanger . Many translated example sentences containing sun cross section – German- English dictionary and search engine for German translations. British missionaries working in colonial circumstances where the colonial government was not European. THE CROSS AND THE RISING SUN.

Angel —“HEMEL HEMPSTEA Herts, TII. Download and use them in your website, document or presentation. Sometimes the equinoxes are . SUN CROSS ( SUNCROSS , SUN-WHEEL or SUN-WHEEL CROSS): The term for that variation of a Celtic cross which is now considered a symbol of neo- paganism, but which has been, or is being used by Nazi and neo-Nazi movements in Europe, and (with a further variation) the USA – a wheel cross or . A NASA satellite witnesses the Earth and moon passing in front of the sun simultaneously, a phenomenon called a double eclipse.

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