Solarstorm 440

Solarstorm 440

SolarStorm 4is a very powerful LED grow light. It consumes up to 350W designed to produce high potency indoor cannabis plants or vegetation at home. The Solar Storm 4is a very powerful LED based grow light.

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To get a good sprea you want to position the light approximately 16”-24” above your canopy. Exclusively from Growers House, all Solar Storms come with a free Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room glasses. Simply check the box when . It has a unique UVB mode feature that effectively increases crop potency among plants. California Light Works Solar Storm 440w.

Shop with confidence on eBay! The system is designed to cover an area of 3′ x ′ for Bloom and up to 6′ x 6′ for Veg.

It features 1high flux bin OSRAM SSL emitters. There is super-high flux LED-chips . The solar storm 4-watts has the best features which is able to run on the 440- watts with the duel feature of UV-B and normal mode of light because of its powerful diodes. Delivers high quality yields. It contains 1high flux bin OSRAM SSL emitters. With the wide range of LED grow lights available on the market, it may be confusing to find the best for your . Veg Mode offers high levels of blue and deep blue balanced with red and deep . Features: High Photo-Synthetic Photon Flux (PPF) – This can help penetrate the plants and at the same time, give the that you are expecting . The only LED Grow Light with two watt UVB tube to increase.

The sun naturally contains large . Solarstorm 8LED Grow Light Fixture by Califiornia Light Works. In the Veg light mode it will pull 2watts, Bloom mode 3watts and with. Hi I am probably going to get a grow tent to house this light. When I finally find the perfect spot i will build a room and sell the tent.

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