Solar roadways criticism

Solar roadways criticism

Without criticism , science cannot progress. It is great to think outside the box, however, it is also important to invest time into more practical solutions. Albeit a great idea, it is an idea that just cannot work- not yet that is. For more information on the engineering blunder that is solar roadways , here are some . The USDOT announcement of Phase .

Against all odds, the crowd-funded solar road project was a remarkable money- acquiring success. Voila: the basic building block of what has been dubbed by its creators, electrical engineer Scott Brusaw and his wife Julie, a solar roadway. It could one day make for a highway built of 0. A single Reddit thread discussing criticisms of the idea from user Thunderf00t – who has made several videos debunking the roadways , as well as several more debunking feminism, to give you a flavour of his views – stretches to over 0comments.

It was as close to Gamergate as any debate . Solar panels and roads — combining them just makes sense to help meet our clean energy needs, right? FROM a distance, the driveway of Julie and Scott Brusaw in rural Sandpoint, Idaho, does not seem like anything special: it is a collection of greenish hexagonal tiles.

But a closer look reveals that these are sheets of hardened glass with solar cells underneath. M on Indiegogo, as well as almost another. This video is also very light on critique of the research, methods and claims from the original inventors which should be a red flag. At present, the design for the solar roadways has the heaters drawing energy from the grid specifically for this reason, so that they can continue to run in case of low photovoltaic production. Expensive Solar Road Technology Makes First Appearance In France.

In February, the French government announced the intention to pave 0Km ( 6miles) of road with solar panels over the next five years. The DOT engineer who helped test a solar roadway prototype shares his thoughts on its viability. Some may even make comments such as . In January this year GCR reported that the government of France intends to pave 000km of road with photovoltaic panels over the next five years. The idea drew strong criticism from readers, who questioned the viability of paving roads with solar . Solar Roadways promise a lot but their feasibility is dismal from an engineering perspective. The brainchild of Scott Brusaw, these solar roads could generate three times the energy the U. Now, though, the company is getting a new, tiny public test, with a stretch of solar sidewalk to be installed on Route 66.

I think a month or so ago was the first time that I had heard about a small company working on the project of solar roadways. Since then, the company has met a mixture of unwavering support and pragmatic criticism. On the other, their idea has been hit by many as costly and impractical.

But the gotcha commentary. Before we accept such smug diatribes against solar entrepeneurs, we need to assess the source of the criticism. Simply because content is . Standard roadway maintenance versus photovoltaic panel replacement draw heavy criticism as glass shards could fly off into tires or hit joggers.

When Missouri tests their solar roadway at rest areas, more information regarding dangers, maintenance and short-term costs will help determine future feasibility . A solar panel road is pictured on December 2 following its inauguration in Tourouvre, Normandy, northwestern France.