Serbia electricity prices

Serbia electricity prices

Dragan Vlaisavljević, EPS Executive Director in charge of electricity sales, said those prices are expected to remain at levels below market . According to Serbian newspapers, state-owned power utility EPS has sent a letter to its customers in the category of small and medium enterprises (SME) which consume up to 3GWh of electricity per year, informing . The price of electricity for households in Serbia and Kosovo was 6. The highest price of electricity in Western Balkans is in Montenegro with 9. Wh, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina .

Executive Director for Electricity Trading at Serbian state-owned power utility EPS , Dragan Vlaisavljevic said that price of electricity for households in Serbia is way below the market price and that will not be changed in the foreseeable future. Speaking at the conference, Vlaisavljevic stressed that . EPS ( Electric Power Industry of Serbia ) has sent out letters to the addresses of SMEs in Serbia informing them that “in accordance with the current price forming policy and the market situation, the electricity price has been corrected for small commercial consumers”. Pursuant to the new Law, conditions for the entitlement to guaranteed supply of electricity were modified. Households and small customers may stick to. HOUSEHOLDS ELECTRICITY PRICE RISES.

The Agency was established by the Energy Law as a regulatory body with competences covering electricity , natural gas, oil and oil product, and CHP heat energy sectors.

Access to the transmission system. PE Elektromreža Srbije – Price list. DC „EPS distribucija“ – Price list. Supply of households and small customers at regulated prices.

DC EPS Snabdevanje – Price list. Electricity prices , as well as the prices of services provided by energy entities while performing energy activities are not regulate unless it is prescribed otherwise by the the Energy Law. Electricity transmission and distribution use-of-system charges are regulated for all system users, as well as the prices of . Serbia will increase retailelectricity prices by 3. Energy Minister AleksandarAntic said on Wednesday, announcing a rise of about half thelevel demanded by the International Monetary Fund in return fora loan. SERBIA : ELECTRICITY AND NATURAL GAS PRICES IN LINE WITH EUROSTAT METHODOLOGY.

The launch of the SEEPEX Day-Ahead market is a major step in the creation of a regional power trading solution for South East Europe (SEE) and has been highly anticipated by the electricity market community. The smooth launch of the Serbian. Wh for residential consumption and 0. Tariff reforms are a very important.

The new prices will be in force as of October AERS said in a statement on Thursday.

All countries except Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Romania have lower residential prices than Greece. Electricity prices for residential consumers are greater than for industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia.