Renewable energy directive proposal

Renewable energy directive proposal

The authors examine the impact of selected modelling input factors and modelling . The main purpose of the recast RES directive is to increase the share of RES in the EU energy mix to at . The proposal is mostly in line with the targets Finland and Finnish industry have for sustainability of bioenergy and for promoting biofuels. It is good that the definitions for greenhouse gas emissions reductions are the same for all types of. Energy Directive (RED II) work for renewable electricity in transport.

The proposed new directive , called RED II, would succeed the existing regulation and.

The main elements of the proposal on transport are to reduce the cap on food and feed-based biofuels to 3. Commission tells Malaysia proposed biofuel policy respects WTO rules. Support to large-scale biomass without a CHP component but compliant with sustainability criteria should not be ruled out. Instead of ending incentives for biofuels , the. The sustainable forest management framework has evolved and strengthened over time . This is in line with the target agreed upon by the European Council, but below . This proposal is currently under discussion in the European Parliament and the Council.

According to this proposal , molasses will have the same status as . The proposals would also cap first-generation biofuels and phase-out the use of palm oil.

CLEAN ENERGY FOR ALL EUROPEANS. The proposal for RED II extends its focus to advanced biofuels and renewable fuels (renewable electricity directly or converted to liquid or gaseous fuels) and . In particular, priority dispatch is essential for smaller installations, often community energy projects, and therefore for public confidence in the energy transition. This revised target and measures to achieve it sustainably are currently under . Recently, the Industry, Transport and Energy committee of the European Parliament voted a draft report on the proposed directive for the promotion of renewable energy. Although strong cases had been made for the support of nationally-binding targets, the final vote only endorsed an EU level target, . Within those readings several discussions within the Council or its preparatory bodies . Sometimes, legislative proposals serve as poor policy because they fail to consider the practical realities of the industries affected and they may be discriminatory and inconsistent with international legal obligations. We are deeply concerned about the role of both biofuels and wood- based bioenergy in the proposed new RED.

We believe that neither . Support an ambitious limit on all food based biofuels. RenewableEnergyDirective. C and pursue efforts to limit it to 1. Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and the Council on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (recast). Committee responsible: Rapporteur: Shadow rapporteurs: Industry, Research and Energy ( ITRE). José Blanco López (S Spain).

Seán Kelly (EPP, Ireland). Fuel Quality Directive (FQD).

The European Parliament has adopted a proposal to reform the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) Directive for the. ETIP reaches agreement on RED II proposal. GOs serve as proof that the sources (fuels) used to produce the electricity .