Reetec rare earth

Reetec rare earth

REEtec develops technologies and businesses related to rare earth elements ( REE). The new method exhibits a number of advantages compared to solvent extraction, which . REEtec offers high quality rare earth products manufactured with its new and game changing separation technology. The product portfolio, which is extended month by month currently covers most of the rare earth oxides and nitrates. All products are extensively tested and documented.

There are a total of naturally occurring rare earth elements.

The latter are considered rare earth elements because they tend to occur in the same ore deposits as the lanthanides, and exhibit similar chemical properties. This process combines high efficiency with best in class environmentally friendliness. This means that REEtec recovers and reutilizes . Innovation Norway Telemark has made a grant of NOK million to the technology company REEtec , which is to establish a demonstration plant for separation of rare earth elements at Herøya Industripark. REE stands for Rare Earth Elements, which are critical elements that are in demand all over the world.

REEtec has developed a new and game changing process for manufacturing of high purity rare earth elements (REE). The process, characterized by its environmentally friendliness will contribute to simplifying the production of these important metals. Today it is released that REEtec has started building the first unit of its new Rare Earth Separation plant in Porsgrunn, Norway.

REEtec is currently testing out its process in pilot scale at . REEtec has spent years developing a new technology for separation of all Rare Earths from Lanthanum to Lutetium in one step. Our client, the new and green rare earth separation plant REEtec , had its first delivery of super pure yttrium oxide to a superconductor client today. With only ppm of REO contaminants, the REEtec product is among the purest in the industry.

The goal is to ensure a sustainable, stable and safe extraction and . Norway, as part of the Fennoscandian shiel is considered as an area of high potential for metal exploration in Europe, including the REE. The present knowledge of Norwegian REE deposits is primarily based on data collected during exploration and exploitation for uranium (U), beryllium (Be) and niobium ( Nb) . N0fP Happy to see Yara and our partners are making progress here! I also met a lot of new friends in the rare earth industry and had deeper business communication with customers from Russia . Scatec – REEtec – efficient separation of rare earth elements. A pilot plant has been built and is in operation at Herøya, Norway where testing and further development of the process is under way.

In late September, the joint venture LLC, named REETech , was awarded a contract by the Defense . Vi ønsker å utvinne sjeldne jordartsmetaller ( Rare Earth Elements) på en mye mer kostnadseffektiv og miljøvennlig måte enn det som er vanlig i dag, sier Sigve Sporstøl, daglig leder i REEtec. Standardmetoden for å skille ut disse ettertraktede metallene er væskeekstraksjon, en prosess som krever mye vann, syrer og . The Rare Earth Elements (REE), also simply called Rare Earths (RE) or Rare. Earth Metals (REM), are a group of elements—according to the International.

The REE therefore consist of the elements scandium (Sc), yttrium (Y) and the so called lanthanoids.

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