Price of 1 litre petrol in usa

Price of 1 litre petrol in usa

Vereinigte Staaten Benzinpreise, liter. Dollar) mit einem Minimum von 0. Es gibt erhebliche Unterschiede. Eine Ausnahme sind die USA , ein wirtschaftlich entwickeltes Land mit niedrigen Benzinpreisen. Download current and historical fuel price data in Excel.

The average price is $0.

MU of Newbury Park asked about the price of fuel in the USA. Find out the current prices for a whole list of products in Los Angeles, California ( United States ). When we were in Colorado last September, unleaded petrol was $4. Taking all the conversion factors into account, including smaller US gallons, that equates to about pence per litre. Currently, unleaded in the UK is about £1.

USA on check what is Diesel price in USA Today? LAGOS), which in areas distant from Lagos petrol was . Everything On Oil and gasoline prices in One Document: Edited and Divided into Handy Chapters. Gasoline price information for all states and selected U.

These links will help you find the lowest price gasoline in your town. A list of petrol prices around the world. From the most expensive (Eritrea, UK, Norway) to cheapest places (Qatar, Venezuela) to buy.

Gas prices are on the rise again— about 4. Behind that increase is a wide range of price swings felt differently around the world. We ranked countries by . Compare the price you pay for petrol or diesel with the UK average and that of other countries. But how much it costs to fill up can vary from street to street and town to town. Fill in our fuel price calculator to see how what you . To compare the prices in this infographic all prices are in sterling and the measurement of volume is in litres. We have converted US currency figures using relative historic exchange rates and converted gallons into litres so that you can compare apples for apples.

Fuel Prices UK vs USA – Feel free to use . Lucky motorists in Houghton Lake, Mich. Sunday at the Beacon and Bridge Market. Prices fluctuate but at one point dropped to cents a gallon, according to GasBuddy and area TV stations. Later, they briefly hit a low of cents a gallon according . Northern Ireland has recorded the lowest price for unleaded at 110.

Anglia has recorded the highest diesel price at 113.

FUEL PRICES IN EUROPE AND THE USA. Local Currency per litre. Unleaded Diesel Unleaded Diesel.