Petrol prices

Petrol prices

Compare petrol, diesel and LPG prices in your area with real time data. We make it easy to explore the cheapest petrol, diesel and LPG prices near you. Just tap in your postcode to see your local petrol stations and their fuel prices. With fuel prices on the rise, Compare the Market allows you to search for some of the best prices near you.

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Want to know where to get the best price on petrol? Check out our Victoria-wide fuel prices page to secure the best petrol price near you. Fair Fuel Prices helps you find the cheapest fuel in your area.

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Find average monthly UK Fuel Price Information with our Fuel Price matrix and reduce your fuel bill now. FuelCheck is an online tool designed to provide consumers with real-time information about fuel prices at every service station across NSW. All prices in prediction only. Official fuel price will updated on 6PM every Wednesday. While price cycles usually operate in regular patterns, the cheapest and most expensive days to buy petrol change from cycle to cycle.

Check FuelCheck prices for NSW and FuelWatch prices in Western Australia. Information about gasoline prices in Ukraine – prices using reliable official sources. Stunden – Heavy taxation has left Kenyan motorists paying higher fuel prices compared with their Tanzanian counterparts, the latest industry data shows. The weekly road fuel prices table reports on the cost of unleaded petrol (ULSP) and unleaded diesel (ULSD).

The table is updated every Tuesday at 9:30am. For enquiries concerning this table contact Susan Lomas. A drop in the fuel price is expected next month, the Automobile Association (AA) has said.

The AA said in a statement at the . Many translated example sentences containing petrol prices – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Weiter zu Petrol usage and pricing in Europe – Most European countries have high fuel taxes. US gallon) while the US had prices around $1.

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Provides the motoring public of Western Australia with up to date information on fuel prices. Petrol prices RON9 RONand Diesel are updated weekly every Wednesday. Allows wholesalers and retailers with online access to the provision of fuel information. We update you weekly on current petrol and diesel prices in New Zealan monitoring changes to the cost of octane, octane and diesel.

Current fuel prices , petrol prices , diesel prices and LPG prices in Europe. Average Fuel Price across the Country . Need to know what the latest fuel price is? Visit us and stay up to date with all fuel price changes.

The cost of oil has continued to rise, due partly to political unrest in North Africa and the Middle East. Strikes by fuel tanker drivers also affects how much we pay at the pump.