Petro yuan

Petro yuan

Experten: Neue Iran-Sanktionen werden Chinas Petro – Yuan helfen. US-Präsident Donald Trump könnte demnächst neue Iran-Sanktionen anstoßen, was die Spannungen zwischen den beiden Ländern verschärfen würde. Der Schritt wird eine Verlagerung der globalen Wirtschaftsmacht . China will demnächst den Handel mit Öl-Futures für Yuan beginnen. Die Entstehung des Petro -Yuans könnte zu einem Schlag gegen den Petro -Dollar werden und der Volksrepublik erlauben, die Gestaltung der Ölpreise unter ihre Kontrolle zu nehmen, schreibt die „Nesawissimaja Gaseta“ am Freitag.

The era of the petro – yuan is at hand.

Crucially, this is not about reducing currency risk. This is about the implementation of a huge, new alternative reserve currency zone, bypassing the US dollar. Additionally, Levison warns Washington that besides serving as a hedging tool for Chinese companies, the contract will aid a broader Chinese government agenda of increasing the use of the yuan in trade settlement.

China may unveil a oil contracted that is denominated in yuan and is backed by gold. Many observers are touting this as the latest dollar-buster. The prospect of the Middle East embracing the petro – yuan has been stoked in part by speculation that Saudi Arabia could announce it will accept the yuan for some of its exports to China.

Beijing hopes to challenge the petrodollar by launching a crude oil futures contract on the Shanghai Energy Exchange (INE) denominated in Chinese yuan ( petro – yuan ) and convertible into gold at the end of this year, potentially creating the most important Asian oil benchmark and allowing oil exporters to . Analysten sehen den Versuch Chinas, den Yuan als Konkurrenz zum US-Dollar aufzubauen, als schwer durchführbar an. China recently announced they will trade oil for yuan “backed” by gold.

The story has gotten some press (none of it mainstream mind you), and many have questions as to what it really means. The Yuan denominated oil contract that has been rumored to be under development for years now is in its final testing phase, according to a reliable news outlet in Shanghai. The contract has been given approval by all necessary authorities, and according to the Shaingahi based news service Jiemian, the . And it will be the first contract priced in Chinese currency, known as the renminbi or yuan. Currently, the main global benchmarks for crude oil are in New York and London — and priced in dollars.

In the spring, China might launch trading crude oil futures in yuan. The Chinese press announced the introduction of the petro – yuan , with an eye on how it will undermine the power of petro-dollar and help Beijing take pricing under its control. Against the backdrop of record oil imports, which reached . First off, there is no “ petro Yuan. They have simply listed an oil futures contract in yuan. Maybe that will mean less oil futures trading in New York or London as Chinese traders keep their business at home, but it will have absolutely no impact.

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