Leopard 1a6

Leopard 1a6

Im Rahmen der Studie Panzerkampfwagen wurden zwei Versuchsträger mit unterschiedlichen Rüstständen gebaut, der VT-und VT-5. This gun would in fact be the most modern in the game but if we . Would you want up armored and gunned version of. Weitere Ergebnisse von forum.

If anything, Germany would have a need for such a lethal close-range weapon.

After all, it was their land that would bear the brunt of a Warsaw Pact assault. Post with votes and 9views. Can someone provide me with some facts on the Leo 1Aprogram. I know that it entailed fitting a 120mm gun and somekind of armour upgrade but what else?

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There were apparently two prototypes, VT- and a VT- which both had the 1mm gun and the side turret armor. The exhaust hoods of VT-were for infra-red suppression, since the hot exhaust . Eine fast einmalige Erfolgsgeschichte. Blindajul omogen are urmatoarele grosimi: . Other variants included armored engineering, recovery, anti-aircraft, and bridging vehicles.

It was a project for a tank-hunter ( Panzerabwehrkampfwagen 90). This prototyp is the VT-with a 120mm gun, heavy add-on armour on turret and front-hull and modified exhaustsystem for a better IR signature reduction. View of the same from the outsideXX. It was also used as a platform for many specialist military vehicles and was of particular use to army engineers.

The engine, transmission, and suspension all received incremental upgrades.

This version had bolt-on armored Lexan panels for the turret and hull, but the primary difference was the installation of the Rheinmetall . Stadtallendorf, Neustadt (Hessen), Munster. Bad Frankenhausen, Münster-Handorf. Es wurde auch als Plattform für die vielen Spezialmilitärfahrzeugen eingesetzt und war von besonderem Nutzen für die Armeeingenieure. Das Erbe dieser Panzer lebt bis heute und einige argumentieren, . IS4-IShopefully a p2w IS-two T54s and Tis that right ?