Houston we have had a problem

Houston we have had a problem

Es signalisierte eine lebensbedrohendes Problem , wird aber inzwischen auch für kleinere Probleme verwendet. Nach der Explosion eines Tanks während des Fluges zum Mond musste die geplante Mondlandung aufgegeben werden. Technische Improvisation war nötig, um die drei Besatzungsmitglieder in ihrem beschädigten. It is the dialogue of the film.

We did not even have power to gimbal the engine so we could begin an immediate return to Earth.

The message came in the form of a sharp bang and vibration. I came on and told the ground that it was a main B . From now on, we live in a world where man has walked on the moon. That jolt must have rocked the sensor on—see now—OQUANTITY 2. Houston , we have a problem.

First, they had to improvise and construct a carbon dioxide filter. Secon they had to operate and . The quartet is reported to have made in excess of a half billion dollars.

Every last word transmitted between the moon landing mission and ground control in the U. I had to turn my bass down because of all the low tones in the music. BARBARA KLEIN: The loss of one oxygen tank should not have been a major problem. So, if one faile the other could be used.

But the astronauts soon learned that the explosion had caused . Apollo had two oxygen tanks. SoundCloud cookie policyCookie policy. A few days after taking off from Earth, they had a mishap that nearly cost them their lives: the . Get all the details, meaning, context, and even a pretentious factor for good measure. Who out there remembers this line? Or did you think it was.

I always thought it was the latter! Encyclopedia Britannica . Shortly after, thrusters began to fire on their own. From left: Fred Haise, Jack Swigert, and Jim Lovell.

Would you be so kind to explain what is the difference between these two sentences:Huston, we have had a problem here, Huston, we have a. Swigert replaced Ken Mattingly days before launch.

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Such third party cookies may track your use of the . Etter eksplosjonen måtte astronautene evakuere fra kommandoseksjonen Odyssey til månelandingsmodulen Aquarius. Returen til jorda ble dramatisk, de hadde . Originally a genuine report of a life-threatening fault. Now used humorously to report any kind of problem.

James Lovell who, with Fred Haise Jr. Beispiel: Ich bin seit Wochen hier heisst I have been here for three weeks. Ganz präzise lässt sich we have .