Geb groovy

Geb groovy

Geb is a browser automation solution. It brings together the power of WebDriver, the elegance of jQuery content selection, the robustness of Page Object modelling and the expressiveness of the Groovy language. Contribute to geb development by creating an account on GitHub. In den letzten Jahren sind einige Test-Frameworks um Selenium entstanden, die die Tests im Browser robuster und wartbarer gestalten.

Dabei benutzt es Selenium WebDriver und setzt als Programmiersprache Groovy ein.

Ellery Crane explores Groovy browser automation solution Geb and how it can be used to write easy and top-notch functional tests. Have you ever wanted an automate cross-browser testing tool for Groovy that also works as a screen scraping and process automation tool? If you have, then you should consider test-driving Geb (pronounced jeb).

The open source browser automation solution just made it to version 0. Awhile back I talked about why test engineers should learn Groovy. I should issue my standard caveat here, which is the idea that I do adhere to the idea there truly is no automated testing, just automated checking. Geb functions as a developer-driven tool for automating the collaboration between web browsers and web content.

It runs the WebDriver in Groovy language. The beauty of Geb testing tool is that it combines the best features of Groovy. Depending on your QA resource they might just write the tests for you. When I was learning Geb , I found this example code very helpful.

You should add at-checking for your page objects, then you can use the at method to verify that you are on the expected page, making browser. CurrentUrl() == secondpageUrl obsolete. The other effect of the at -check is that it changes the current page and also returns the page object for strongly typed . I would also use WebDriver API to navigate back. On line 1in the error link I can see: org. No need of prior knowledge of Groovy , Selenium WebDriver or Geb.

Geb addresses exactly this problem. It is an abstraction of the WebDriver API and combines the expressive and concise Groovy language with a jQuery-like selection and traversal API. This makes the test implementation easier and the code more readable.

On top of that, you get support for the page object . Im Bereich der Java Entwicklung gibt es verschiedene Frameworks und Tools für die Erstellung und Automatisierung von Tests. Spock – ein Unit Fest Framework – erlaubt das Schreiben von sauber strukturierten und einfach lesbaren Tests auf Basis der JVM Programmiersprache Groovy und einem .

Pass Java system properties from the command-line to the gradle test task. In order to do that modify our build. Configuration of Geb automation environment using Spock, Groovy and IntelliJ for Dummies By Alex Chaves – GlobalNow IT QA Manager.