Fuel quality directive

Fuel quality directive

Common fuel quality rules help. EU on the basis of compatible fuels. EU fuel supply industry will contribute significantly to EU GHG intensity reduction goals in a balanced way under the adopted implementing measure for Article 7a of FQD.

Transport fuel quality is a very important challenge for the oil industry and the refining industry has continually upgraded the quality of all transport fuels . Sets EU-wide standards for petrol and diesel used in cars, trucks and other vehicles to protect human health and the environment. Primary sources on-line: .

These three articles deal with. This is a technology- neutral target that leaves to the industry a range of options to meet it in the most cost-effective way. One such way is by providing alternative . However, in the absence of implementation provisions this target is still not in force – years on. But heavy lobbying from industry, Canada and the US has led to a weakened Commission proposal. We campaign for sustainable and just societies and for the protection of the environment.

The directive entered into force in and stipulates that national . This blog was co-drafted with Josh Axelro NRDC policy and legal consultant.

Many translated example sentences containing European fuel quality directive – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Ein besonders perverses Beispiel für das problematische Offsetting von CO2- Emissionen ist die Anwendung von Ausgleichsmechanismen im Rahmen der Kraftstoffqualitätsrichtlinie der EU. Fuel suppliers can meet the target through various options such as blending biofuels, supplying electricity, hydrogen or other low carbon fuel. Chamber of Commerce, the . An earlier proposal which would have pushed suppliers to use less oil from tar sands . The Canadian government calls the measure that would disadvantage oilsands-derived fuel discriminatory and non-science based. A crucial decision that would curb high-carbon fuels in Europe was postponed yesterday.

Leider ist dieser Eintrag nicht in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. Related posts: Open letter to European Commission Biomass Action Plan and the European Biofuel Directive. Is the fuel that powers our cars set to get a lot dirtier? Fuel Quality Directive should put the burden on the oil industry – not promote agrofuel expansion.

The research questions answered are what are the reporting requirements stated in FQD and how this reporting should be implemente what should be the logic behind the . Has the Directive delivered its objectives in an efficient manner ? Have the definitions contributed to the clear implementation of the FQD? What are the costs arising from the restrictions on petrol and diesel fuel that can be placed on the market? Für diese Seite sind keine Informationen verfügbar. The FQD implementing measures classify crude oils into three main categories — “conventional”, “oil shale” and “oil sands natural .

It contains rules on which fuel qualities that may be put on the Swedish market, and includes reporting obligations for fuel suppliers on a number of issues. The Swedish Energy Agency is . Future developments in the ether market are inextricably linked to developments in the gasoline market. Both directives encourage the use of.

There were amendments to RED and FQD. Currently a revision of RED is under .