Epever software

Epever software

Beijing Epsolar Technology Co. Solar Charge Controller, MPPT Controller researching, manufacturing and marketing. It took me some time to find the software link. I will show you in the video how to download and install the. If the model of current line is CC-USB-TTL-150U (you can check model label on the line), you need find the driver information of corresponding line.

Double click the information and its attribute dialog pops up as shown below.

Please affirm that the state of “RS485” option is not checked in the page of “Port Setting”. Ertragsmessung aller Systemparameter und Monitoring über PC Software möglich. Mit dem optional erhältlichen Display MTkann der Regler eingestellt und überwacht werden.

Tracer (USB) MPPT, iTracer 45A 60A. Land Star PWM Controller, LandStar Wall Mount LandStar Panel Mount Land Star B series. View Star PWM with Meter, ViewStar N Series ViewStar BN Series. BN solar charge controller.

You need RS-4adapter for communication.

The first generation controller used RS-2and a different protocol. There is also a Branded Wifi module you can buy which will let you run the software on a remote computer. Works great with my MTremote monitor box though. Do you (or anyone) happen to have any idea what might be wrong, or something to test? LOGis a record accessory matched with controller of RS4interface, It can record solar system working data, and also real-time monitor system status via PC software or MT50.

Default record time is every minutes, with record range to months . True MPPT with Cheap Price 2. Humanized design of browser interface, easy to use 3. Power generation storage(Day,Month, Total) 4. Just hoping someone might have already fought the battle. LCD display automatic switchover. They came back with a yes. Anyone been able to get it going using XP?

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